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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The First Supper

We're off and flying! Our first memorable meal (not!) on Alitalia; at
least we know that things can only improve from here! Once fluent in
Italian, Kerry is practicing on the flight attendents and asking if
she can pay with carta igenico (toilet paper which is about the
current value of the good old American $!). And just in case you are
wondering, yes they still give free wine on European airlines!

Kerry's meal review: bistecca inedible and land o' lakes butter...I
mean, really. And the vino rosso - drink at your own risk. The final
word is ewwww...I wouldn't have paid for this meal with carta igenico!

Next stop Roma! We'll meet up with the rest of the group there and
then a quick flight to Catania.

A presto,
Beth and Kerry

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