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Monday, May 9, 2011

Female Jockey Rosie Napravnik Gives Swirl a Plug

Rosie winning the Louisiana Derby in March
Rosie Napravnik made history this weekend as the highest placing female jockey ever in the Kentucky Derby with her 9th place finish.  During racing season at the Fair Grounds, Rosie and her now fiance Joe Sharp are regulars at the shop, each having their favorite go to wines. Joe is a big and bold kinda wine guy with the Barrel Monkeys Shiraz being his most often purchased bottle (except for the day he was going to propose and asked for a bubbly worthy of the occasion...) while Rosie is a crisp and lively girl that is very particular about what she wants to drink.

The Times Picayune's Wish Magazine did a spot on Rosie this past weekend titled "My Favorite Things" where she talks about Swirl:  Napravnik loves to try the tastings at Swirl Wine Market.  "When I walk in there, they know what I like, and I'm always interested in trying something new."  Her favorite so far is Arona, a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

We always look forward to racing season when our track friends come back in town and embrace our city as their own.  So much so that Rosie and Joe have even bought a house in Mid City and are ready to put down roots in New Orleans.

Great job with the Derby Rosie!  I promise we will have lots of Arona in stock when you return!

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  1. Very cool, Beth and Kerry. We were rooting for Rosie and missing you guys this Jazz Fest. Best wine shop in New Orleans!



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